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32" Hydraulic Guillotine Bale Cutter

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Best cutter on the market
Gomaplast has designed the most compact, versatile and heavy-duty construction bale cutter on the market. The V2" thick by 32" wide replaceable tool steel knife blade can be easily resharpened and enables even, narrow slicing of natural or synthetic rubber bales. Its heavy construction enables cutting of some fiber and plastic bales. Built-in fork lift pockets allow for easy positioning of the cutter.

Full access to interior parts
The bale cutter features an easily removable safety screen that enables maintenance personnel to have full access to all interior parts. Its precision ground carbon steel knife blade holder is fully guided by full circle bronze guide bearings, which are of self-lubricating maintenance free (permeable-lube) operation.

Cast urethane striker plate
The bale cutter also incorporates a cast urethane blade striker plate. Unlike most common striker plates (carbon steel, brass, lead, or hardwood), urethane will not splinter and contaminate your product.

Dual-palm safety control
Dual-palm operator control is standard equipment, making it mandatory to have both hands on the control panel while the blade is moving. Should one or both hands be removed the blade will stop immediately.

Virtually leak-free valves
The 45-gallon hydraulic unit is mounted on top of the safety screen. High-pressure flexible hoses connect the main cylinder to the directional control valves- virtually eliminating hydraulic leaks.
  • 4" bore, 25" stroke, 2,500 PSI double acting cylinder, cushioned on blind end, rendering a 15.7 ton force.
  • 45 gallon capacity, 2,500 PSI hydraulic unit, 7 V2 HP motor and directional control valve plumbed to cylinder with self-aligning, high-pressure hose
  • Control panel incorporating motor starter, overloads, and OSHA recommended dual palm buttons.
  • OSHA recommended safety cage guarding all parts.
  • High-tensile, cold drawn steel guide bars for blade.
  • Full circle, self-lubricating, bronze guide bar bushings are maintenance free. 32" wide tool steel replaceable knife blade can be easily resharpened.
  • 4" thick carbon steel blade holder.
  • Cast urethane striker pad. 32" wide roller feed conveyor.
  • Built-in forklift pockets for easy positioning in your plant.


Hydraulic Capacity

2,500 PSI


15.7 ton


45 Gallon



Stroke Length


Motor Power

7 V2 HP